Unicorn Collection - Vicky Blum

Wish Upon a Unicorn
The Shadow Unicorn
The Land Without Unicorns
The Promise of the Unicorn
A Gathering of Unicorns

My Secret Unicorn - Linda Chapman

Flying High
Magic Spell
A Special Friend
Starlight Surprise
Stronger than Magic
A Winter Wish
Snowy Dreams
A Touch of Magic
Dreams Come True
Friends Forever
Rising Star
Twilight Magic
Keeper of Magic
Moonlight Journey
Starry Skies

Unicorn School - Linda Chapman

First Class Friends
The Surprise Party
The Treasure Hunt
The School Play
The Pet Show
Team Magic

Serendipity Books - Stephen Cosgrove

Morgan Morning
Misty Morgan
Morgan and Me
Morgan and Yew
Morgan Mine

The Unicorn Chronicles - Bruce Coville

Into the Land of the Unicorn
The Song of the Wanderer
Dark Whispers
The Last Hunt

The Secret Country - Pamela Dean

The Secret Country
The Hidden Land
The Whim of the Dragon

Unicorn's Secret - Katheleen Duey

The Silver Thread
The Mountains of the Moon
The Silver Bracelet
The Sunset Gates
Beyond the Sunset
Castle Avanir
The Journey Home
True Heart

Saga of the Unicorn - John Lee

The Unicorn Quest
The Unicorn Dilema
The Unicorn Solution
The Unicorn Peace
The Unicorn War

Tanaquil Trilogy - Tanith Lee

Black Unicorn
Gold Unicorn
Red Unicorn

The Obsidian Trilogy - James Mallory

The Outstretched Shadow
To Light a Candle
When Darkness Falls

Acorna - Anne McCaffrey

Acorna's Quest
Acorna's People
Acorna's World
Acorna's Search
Acorna's Rebels
Acorna's Triumph
Acorna's Children

Acorna' Children - Anne McCaffrey

First Warning
Second Wave
Third Watch

Killer Unicorns - Diana Peterfreund


Firebringer Trilogy - Meredith Ann Pierce

Birth of the Firebringer
Son of the Summer Stars

Unicorn Dancer Series - R.A.V. Salsitz

The Unicorn Dancer
Daughter of Destiny

Book of the Isle - Nancy Springer

The White Hart
The Silver Sun
The Sable Moon
The Black Beast
The Golden Swan

Unicorns of Balinor - Mary Stanton

The Road To Balinor
Sunchaser's Quest
Valley of Fear
By Fire, By Moonlight
Search For The Star
Secrets of the Scepter
Night of the Shifter's Moon
Shadows over Balinor

Robert Vavra's Photography

To Be a Unicorn
The Unicorn of Kilimanjaro
Unicorns I Have Known

Secret of the Unicorn Queen

Swept Away - Josepha Sherman
Sun Blind - Gwen Hansen
The Final Test - Dory Perlman
Into the Dream - Suzanne Weyn
The Dark Gods - Josepha Sherman
Moonspell - Gwen Hansen

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