This section doesn't have a large number of novels, for it contains only those books which do not fall into any of the other categories. These books either defy categorization, or that category simply has not been created yet.

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Human for a Day - ed. Martin H. Greenberg & Jennifer Brozek

"The Metamorphosis" - Franz Kafka
"The Husband Stitch" - Carmen Maria Machado
"Shadow of a Change" - Michelle Sagara

The Emperor's New Clothes - Hans Christian Andersen
The Godling Chronicles: The Sword of Truth - Brian D. Anderson

Beauty and the Beast - Kay Brown
Between Two Kingdoms - Joe Boyd

Dark Legacy - Domenico Italo Composto-Hart

ReviewThe Princess who Never Laughed - Walt Disney
Robin Hood and the Golden Arrow - Walt Disney
The Cypher - Shadows - Michael Duncan

The Hero Always Wins - Robert Eaton
The Neverending Story - Michael Ende
The Little Prince - Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

The Poppet and the Lune - Madeline Claire Franklin

Aschenputtle - J.L.C. & W.C. Grimm
Grimm's Fairy Tales - J.L.C. & W.C. Grimm

Rogues of the Black Fury - Travis Heermann
ReviewThe Conan Saga - Robert E. Howard

Lords of Dyscrasia - S.E. Lindberg
The Alchemist of Souls - Anne Lyle

Cinderella - Charles Perrault

The Betrayals of Grim's Peak - Sean J. Quirk

The Books of Wonders - Jasmine Richards
The Cypher - Julian Rosado-Machain
Glide in Slowtime - Barry Rosenberg

Illume - Kate Smith
The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde - Robert Louis Stevenson
The Shadowed Path - Simon Stone

In a Celandine World - Catherine Thorpe

Two Russian Tales - Anne Terry White
Shifting - Bethany Wiggins
The Emperor's Knife - Mazarkis Williams

Thief of Hope - Cindy Young-Turner

My Wonderful Gift Book of Fairy Tales - NA

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