Book Cover
Title Shadow of a Change
Series ---
Author Michelle Sagara
Cover Art Anneli West
Publisher Rosdan Press - 2011
First Printing ---
Category Fantasy
Warnings None

Main Characters

April Stevens

Main Elements Shapeshifting

April Stevens works, day in and day out, in an office, part of the secretarial pool. There is nothing remarkable about her life; it is pristine, organized, ordered. She dislikes change, dislikes the unpredictable.

But she is changing, and in ways that she canít predict, doesnít understand, and can no longer hide...

I'm a fan of Sagara's work, so when I stumbled across this short story I thought I would give it a try.

April is a relatively boring person, following a strict daily schedule, not much for friends. But then things start happening. She misses her bus to work and arrives late. She doesn't feel well. She's always hungry but can't find anything she likes to eat. She starts Changing.

As usual, crawling inside of Sagara's head you encounter some strange stuff. It doesn't help that Sagara was pregnant at the time and was experience some changes in her own body that influenced her writing. This story felt very Kafka-esque because you never really know if what is happening to April is really happening, or has her mind finally rebelled against the boring routine of her life.

This story was originally included in the anthology Dinosaur Fantastic so there's no secret as to what April was turning into.

It was alright, I didn't love it. It was bizarred but somehow I didn't quite get as weirded out as I think I was supposed to. I didn't get the same sense of there being more to it like I get from her Chronicles of Elantra, like there is some dark and mysterious part of the world we don't understand. On the other hand, if that's the kind of thing that goes through your mind when you're pregnant, it's might make a woman thing twice before having kids!

Posted: September 2012


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