Book Cover
Title The Emperor's New Clothes
Author Hans Christian Andersen
Illustrated By Disney
Publisher Random House - 1975
First Printing ---
Book Cover
Title Andersen's Fairy Tales
Author Hans Christan Andersen
Illustrated By Arthur Szyk
Publisher Grosset & Dunlap - 1945
First Printing ---
Book Cover
Title A Treasury of Hans Christian Andersen
Author Hans Christan Andersen
Illustrated By ---
Publisher International Collector's Library - 1974
First Printing ---
Category Children
Warnings None
Main Characters The Emperor, two swindlers
Main Elements Fairy tale

Two dishonest weavers sell the vain emperor an invisible suit of clothes.

I loved the Disney retelling of this story. First, because the Andersen's fairy tale was so short, even in a picture book with minimal text the entire tale can be faithfully retold, perhaps ignoring the fact that Disney made the emperor and anthropomorphic lion which wasn't exactly in the original! But as a kid I think that's what I liked best, also that the lion can be recognized from other Disney movies (not sure which one, but I can vividly picture him sucking his thumb every time something didn't go his way).

Now the second and third books have the story in full, though the translations word the text a little differently. I have found that the thid one matches best with the translations available on Project Gutenberg where of course you can download the story. But where's the fun without the illustrations? long as you leave the emperor with some underpants that is!

Posted: January 2011


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