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The sun reflected off the golden mare with unrestrained brilliance. She bright yellow coat simply glowed. And no less brightly coloured were the feathers in her mane and tail. She was trotting intricate patterns in the sand and you watched her for a bit before she caught your scent.

She paused midstride to look over at you. She smiled and bobbed her head. As she came over to you her tail swished from side to side, making the feathers flutter in the breeze.

"Greetings human, I am Anakan'tri'Jjense. You can call me Ankan for short, I know its a mouthfull not non-Crystals." You ask her what her name means, "Ah, sorry. It meas Bird of Paradise. I guess its not surprising that I'm fond of colourful feathers then." She allowed you a closer look at her adornments.

While you were thus distracted, a shy brown mare approach to get a closer look at you.

She was one who was at odds with her own personality. Curious, but at the same time shy, she struggled often trying to decide whether to come forward or not. Sensing this, you ignore her, giving her time to get used to your presence.

Ankan thought this was silly and gave the other mare a gentle nip. "Greet the traveller, silly."

The brown mare smiles meekly, "I am Kabbidi'Trizyri...Celestial Wanderer."

You return her greetings with your own introduction. Somehow, your having accepted her helped her to relax and find some self-confidence. Though she let Ankan do most of the talking, she put in contributions of her own to the conversation.

The group of you walked along the beach as you spoke. Suddenly you noticed two small forms up ahead. They seemed kind of small for Crystals, but then they were still fairly distant. As you neared Ankan got excited. "Why its Epon'emerl and Shiya'Dessin!" And they were indeed smaller than any of the Crystals you'd encountered thus far.

They watched with interest as your odd group approached. The little mare smiled towards Ankan and Kabbidi, but the stallion only gave a curt nod. The mare then turned her attention to you, "Greetings, please forgive my mates unfriendlyness, he had a bad encounter a while back with another human traveller. She had thought it would be cute to braid flowers into his mane, he disagreed."

You let out a sigh of relief to hear it was such a silly thing...though he obviously thought it had damaged his pride. He kept a wary eye on you, particularly in case you had any floral adornments hidden in your pockets.

Name: Ankan'tri'Jjense [Bird of Paradise]
ID: 298
Gender: Mare
Parents: Wild
Birth Band: Wild
Band: None
Offspring: None
May 2005

Name: Kabbidi'Trizyri [Celestial Wanderer]
ID: 509
Gender: Mare
Parents: Czari'mai - 018 x Dol'jenia - 017
Birth Band: Yixan'Zasv'la
Band: Mezirin'Neamh
Offspring: Shiya'feila
June 2005

Name: Epon'emerl [Sea Green]
ID: 516
Gender: Stallion
Parents: Wild
Birth Band: Wild
Band: Sy'Sunia
Offspring: Chy'rukh, Deir'shire
July 2005

Name: Shiya'Dessin [Silver Thread]
ID: 517
Gender: Mare
Parents: Wild
Birth Band: Wild
Band: Sy'Sunia
Offspring: Chy'rukh, Deir'shire
July 2005

Crystal Unicorns

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