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The playful mare bucked and shied and raced about the beach. She dash in and out of the nearby pine trees, then chase the waves as they crashe upon the shore and retreated. When she spied you, you became part of the game, something to race around in tight circles.

Finally, tired enough to hold still a few moments, she introduces herself. "My nme is Alisain's'Ztone, a Crystal unicorn mare." Alisain...that sounded familiar. She nods at your questioning look, "Alisain is my father. I believe you've already met him."

The two of you end up talking about the stallion, and of the others Crystals you'd met along the way. Then she pauses thoughtfully, "You haven't met them yet, have you?" Who you ask. She shakes her head, "You'd know if you'd had. Come, let me show them to you."

She brings you into the trees. Following a narrow path you go deeper into the Island's central woods. Here the sun merely filtered through the foliage, causing of shapes of light to flicker and dance upon the ground. The air was cooler and fresher, filled with the sharp scent of pine. Then Alisain's'Ztone stops and indicates for you to move closer to the clearing up ahead. What you saw there took your breath away.

At first you only saw the white mare. Entwined in her shimmering gold mane and tail were big beautiful roses. As the sunlight danced upon her back, it was hard to believe that she was real, not some kind of insubstantial spirit without true form.

And then you saw the foal. White as her mother but coloured with the palest pink, she stepped around from her mother's side to stand before her. The dam lowered her head to gently caress her little one with the kind of love only a mother can share with her child. The filly raised her head to nuzzle back.

You dared not breath for fear of shattering the moment.

But it did end. The sunlight that had danced on dam and foal suddenly took on a spectacular glittering frenzy. You had to close your eyes or you'd have fallen from the disorientation. Indeed, byt the time it was over, you were seated upon the ground. Alisain's'Ztone was gone, as were the gentle pair. Saddened, you got up to return to the beach.

You blink rapidly and rub your eyes. No, they were not deceiving you. Standing on the path was the filly, now a mare. She nods softly, "My name is Ma's'chena, Heart's Wish in your language. Someone must have brought you to the clearing. Though I've never experienced it, it is said that those who enter it see visions of the past. Others say they see the present but are then sent on to the future. When I enter the clearing, time moves for me a different way, through memories...memories of myself as a filly protected by my dam, Geniu'ma, Gentle Heart."

You felt your heart drop, it couldn't be, not just a memory. You ask of her dam, what had happened to her.

"Ah, so many think that this story is a sad one!" she smiles. "Like a good fairy tale, the mother must die to leave her offspring alone with a soul filled with pain. On the contrary, my mother is fine and well and I visit with her often."

You let out a sigh of relief and almost laugh.

"Come," she says. "I will lead you back to the beach. It's easy to lose the path if one doesn't know it very well."

Name: Alisain's'Ztone [Majesty's Diamond]
ID: 548
Gender: Mare
Parents: Alisain - 376 x Mentant - 181
Birth Band: Sunia'to'Zuy
Band: None
Offspring: None
July 2005

Name: Geniu'ma [Gentle Heart]
ID: 529
Gender: Mare
Parents: Wild
Birth Band: None
Band: Spirall'Pieran
Offspring: Ma's'chena, Yuis'tri'Dolna
July 2005

Name: Ma's'chena [Heart's Wish]
ID: 530
Gender: Mare
Parents: Geniu'ma - 529 x ???
Birth Band: Unknown
Band: Aneg'Tolkai
Offspring: Ravesh'chianna, Scara'tri'for
July 2005

Crystal Unicorns

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