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The large Anditan mare watched you coming along the beach. You met other Asrire and Anditan Asrire unicorns and knew that some of them could be a volatile lot, quick to anger and furious warriors. You approached with caution and respect and the mare sensed this.

She bows her head when you are close enough. "My name is Forgotten Remembrances traveller. What brings you all this way to our Island?" You had to think about that a moment. You'd been here so long you were starting to take this magical place for granted. But in truth, you had no idea how you came her. You reply that it felt like a dream.

"Indeed. Dreams are powerful gateways and portals to other worlds. Do not ever stop dreaming, or you shall miss out on many things. Dreams are also a form of memory, memory that goes both backwards and forwards, and melds the two with the present. I was named Forgotten Remembrances in honour of all those memories that have gone astray, all those dreams that have been lost, and yet may be found again. Sometimes in the most unexpected ways."

You had no way of knowing she was refering to the stallion Bloody Bones and his encounter with the mare Forsaken One that led to Forgotten Remembrances to come to this Island in the first place.

The mare, having made her point of not ever forgetting one's hopes and dreams, leaves you standing upon the beach with nothing but the sea, the wind and the sand for company. And of course, your memories.

Name: Forgotten Remembrances
Gender: Mare
Parents: Wild
Note: Anditan Asrire
Tarsuinn: None
Offspring: None
July 2005

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