Death Awaits You Here


He was Madness in the purest form.

What was once a unicorn, had now become...other.

A creature with a shattered mind,
where reality warped into something unrecognizable
where insanity was all that remained.

A great warrior, turned killer.

His name is Bloody Bones.

He was once a Danintu Hunter, a member of a roaming band of hunter/guardians, protecting the other Asrire unicorns from the Daunintu, the dragons that live in the shadow realm. Together they protected those who lived in the light from those who fed off the dark.

He adorned himself with the trophies of his successful hunts, the bones and talons of the dragons he slayed. Claws were braided into his tail, a skull he placed upon his own head. Bones once soaked with blood, through time have worn clean but still bear the scent of the dead.

That was a long time ago.

He had since been banished by the other hunters, his thirst for blood had become too great. And so he wandered the many realms, seeking prey, seeking blood, seeking death. As time passed it came to be commonly believed that he had been cursed, that it was now impossible to kill the named Bloody Bones. Many had tried to destroy the rogue hunter, but all had failed.

He bears the scars of many victories. Bleeding wounds he does not feel, even his horn had been snapped in two, and yet he still could not be stopped. And the madness festered deep in his damaged mind.

As some have said...

"He's completely and utterly nuts, absolutely bonkers."

For years he wandered, and the tales of his terror spread. Till at last he found the Darkened Realm, a place that called to his soul and screamed in his twisted mind. And even as the shadows attempted to consumed him, with a mighy cry he threw back his head and devoured the night.

Name: Bloody Bones
Gender: Stallion
Parents: Wild
October 2004
Asrire Unicorns