[Herald] The Unicorn Herd [Herald]


There was a pounding of hooves upon the beach and through the spray of the sea came a glistening stallion. His coat was brown and white, and his mane and tail streamed in the wind. He saw you standing and turned towards you.

He stopped a few feet away, nostrils flaring, breathing heavily. With a graceful nod of his head he introduced himself, "I am Alisain, a Crystal unicorn." You introduced yourself as he shook his mane, droplets of water scattered through the air like tiny teardrops.

You could tell by looking at him that he was a gentle, yet proud creature. You wondered if he was the leader of a unicorn herd somewhere, or if he was a loner. You didn't ask as you placed your hand upon his warm neck. This was how you had always pictured a unicorn, not like some of the warriors you'd encountered before. Alisain was quiet and kind, and very magical. Though neither of you spoke again, you enjoyed each other's company, watching the waves break upon the shore.

From the woods behind you came a unicorn mare. With glee she rushed over to greet the stallion and to inspect you. She was full of cheerful energy as she introduced herself, "I am Zeren'Rynsta,", at the same time she managed a couple of playful nips at the stallion's shoulder. Her tail swished in perpetual motion and you had to duck a couple times to avoid getting it in your face.

The stallion finally gave in to the mare's taunts and proceeded to chase her around the beach. Their hooves threw sand and water into the air and their laughter echoed through the trees. You couldn't help but join them in their games till you collapse, exhausted, onto the beach.

Suddenly all sound stopped. With great effort you raise your head to look around. At first you thought you were alone, but then you saw the black mare standing on the beach with wind-tossed mane. She was such an impressive sight she took your breath away.

Slowly she turned her magnificent head, then that whole queenly thing was lost with the friendliest grin you'd ever seen. "So you're what those two got so worked up about. I heard the noise and came to investigate. My name is Verinda'shaus."

She helps you get up off the sand as you introduce yourself, but before you could finish she interrupts you, "But did you believe?"

For a moment you were confused. She adds, "In unicorns...before you came here. I understand that many of your kind don't think we even exist. Just silly children stories."

You had to admit that that was hard to answer. Of course you wished it to be true, that unicorns were real, but it was so very hard to really, truly, believe in their existence...well not now, but it was then. Verinda'shaus nods in understanding when you don't reply. "Some of us felt the same way about humans...."

Name: Alisain [Majesty]
ID: 376
Gender: Stallion
Parents: Wild
Birth Band: Wild
Band: Sunia'to'Zuy
Offspring: Alisain's'Ztone
February 2005

Name: Zeren'Rynsta [Scattered Pebbles]
ID: 416
Gender: Mare
Parents: Jesen'Kze - 080 x Llevin'Celi - 108
Birth Band: Dalli'trolai
Band: Amaar'Cayba
Offspring: Isiphine
March 2005

Name: Verinda'shaus [Immortal Shadows]
ID: 436
Gender: Mare
Parents: Y^i'Llashi - 153 x Bresi'Una - 154
Birth Band: Llashi's'Zualla
Band: Jun'Chianta
Offspring: Sha'to'kalla'nyght
March 2005

Crystal Unicorns

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