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The mare of the many scars watched you work your way through the soft sand. You recognized her immediately as an Asrire. And you prided yourself in noting that she was also half-Anditan. She didn't have the friendliest look about her, so you approach with respect and caution. She accepted your humility and didn't run you through.

"Traveller." she nods. Obviously she was a mare of few words, as if action was the proper course to take, words being a waste of time. She did not introduce herself even after you had done so yourself. After a few moments you ask her name.

"I am Ocean's Knowledge." You wait a few more moments and ask if she were related to any of the others you'd met before. She nods. "Celestial Sea is my dam. It is unlikely you're met my sire, Golden Wisdom as he does not live in this Realm." Knowing that Celestial Sea was pure Asrire, you note that the sire was the Anditan. Another realization struck you. This was Celestial Sky and Moonlit Waves grand-foal. You were impressed to meet a third-generation.

The mare on the other hand, was not impressed to meet you. She sighed, too polite to just leave you standing her alone, but obviously not interested in learning more about you. So you continue along the beach.

Suddenly you come across Moon Fire again, the other half-Anditan Asrire. He seemed surprised to see you, but not displeased.

"I hope you've continued to enjoy our Island," he says. You nod, not seeing the dark red Asrire stallion watching the pair of you. But Moon Fire senses him and stops.

The first thing you notice are the draconic wings he had folded neatly by his sides. None of the others had had wings. That, along with his aloof bearing made him seem particularly powerful. You next noticed the amber amulet at his chest, and as he shifts, he reveals runes etched in distinct whiteness upon his hindsquarters. But then he shifts back, not giving you a good look at them.

Moon Fire hurries you away, the other stallion still watching with his strange amber eyes.

When a fair distance away, Moon Fire began to talk. "That was Ancient Legends. You know how many of us have scars from our travelling through the Shadow Realms as foals?" You nod, since Moon Fire had many of his own. "Ancient Legends has not a mark on him. Not that unusual, but rare enough, especially since he had been lost there for so long the others were sure he wasn't going to return. What was strange though, were those markings on his hindquarters. No one knows what they mean, or how he got them, all we know is that they were not there when he left his dam."

"And stranger yet is that amulet around his neck, again something he found in the Realm. It gives him strange powers...or maybe its him who gives the amulet its power, I don't know. Strange dark powers, though he's been known to use good magics as well. But he excels in the dark arts..."

Moon Fire pauses, "Thats about all I, or anyone else knows. He's a solitary creature, not particularly interested in anyone else or what they do. He wouldn't have harmed us, but its best to leave him alone. Do that and he'll leave you alone. Bother him and you may wake up the next morning turned into something rather nasty. I've heard rumours, but no one knows for sure...no one was able to tell their tale afterwards."

"Now that you know how to behave around him, you can go back to look at him again if you like. He doesn't mind people staring at him as long as they don't get in his way. You can even ask him a question, just know that if he doesn't answer that you shouldn't press him to speak."

You shake your head. That comment about being turned into something nasty had instilled in you the respect...and yes, a little fear, that the others felt for Ancient Legends. You decide not to try your luck with the powerful one.

Name: Ocean's Knowledge
Gender: Mare
Parents: Celestial Sea X Golden Wisdom
Note: Half-Anditan
Tarsuinn: None
Offspring: None
January 2005

Name: Ancient Legends
Gender: Stallion
Parents: Wild
Tarsuinn: None
Offspring: None
February 2005

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