[Herald] The Unicorn Herd [Herald]


Seeking friendlier company, you continue your journey along the beach. You pick up a few lovely sea shells, but after a while put them back down. They belonged here, it felt somehow wrong to take them away from this place. As you walked, the shore became rockier, and the waves crashed upon the shore with greater fury. You were getting soaked from the spray alone. And in the faint mist cast up by the water, you could have sworn you'd seen a white bird. Why that bird attracted your attention so much more than any you'd see before, you weren't sure. Maybe because its wings appeared to sparkle.

Of course, it being a small, dragonfly winged unicorn could have worked its way into your unconcious and made you pay attention. The beautiful little mare darted amongst the waves, her mane glistening with tiny droplets of sea water. She noticed you and came closer.

Tiping her head to one side she in a little voice, "Hello?"

You introduced yourself, and explained your presence on her part of the beach. She became more outgoing after that, but she still had the smallest voice you'd ever heard, like little crystal bells.

"My name is Frecbanehk~Fehtc, or Whispering Winds in your language...." A thought seemed to come to her, and suddenly she darted off into the nearby forest. You wondered if you were supposed to wait or not.

You decide to follow her which turned out the be the right choice for she lead you to her friend.

"This is my friend, Inuny~Tyfh or Aurora Dawn," the first mare says. The second mare nods her head in greeting, "Welcome to our Island, I hope you are enjoying your journey, as well as the company you are keeping."

You had to tell them that there was no company like that of a unicorn's. Such beautiful creatures, though not always necessarily what you had believed them to be like. Some unicorns were cheerful and friendly, others were downright mean. But this pair was kind and gentle, as you had always dreamed their species would be.

And for those thoughts you were rewarded with one who was different. This mare wasn't white and feather soft. Her coat was a smooth blood red, her wings those of a dragon's.

She snorted as she saw you, throwing her head about and making the amulet about her horn glitter in the sun. She spoke in a voice made of music, "I am Cuspan~Sykel, Somber Magic. And I too welcome to you to this Realm."

You'd never felt such peace as you did in the company of the magical creatures. You found that there was no longer any need for words, that just to remain in this place with the sound of the surf breaking upon the shore was all that needed to be said. You knew that eventually you would have to leave, but you hoped beyond all hope that you would one day return.

Name: Frecbanehk~Fehtc [Whispering Winds]
ID: 29
Gender: Mare
Parents: Wild
Rant: Celestial Reverie
October 2003

Name: Inuny~Tyfh [Aurora Dawn]
ID: 37
Gender: Mare
Parents: Cduns~Lrycan(11) x Cgomeha(10)
Rant: None
November 2003

Name: Cuspan~Sykel [Somber Magic]
ID: 68
Gender: Mare
Parents: Wild
Rant: Enraged Tempest
December 2004

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