[Herald] The Unicorn Herd [Herald]


You step back for the large and impressive stallion before you. The wind tossed his thick mane and tail about and the ocean spray made his coat glisten with a thousand tiny crystal droplets. However, his stance was less than friendly and he had pinned his ears back at your arrival.

He snorted as he breathed in your scent. "Well, well. A human. What is the Realm coming to, with two-leggers wandering about as if they owned the place, most likely leaving waste and destruction in their wake. I've never understood the Realm Keeper's views when it comes to this. She thinks that by exposing you creatures to the superior beings that wander these lands that she will not only save us, but you as well. Well, I say was shouldn't care what happens to your kind, our well-being will be on safer-footing without your species littering the landscape." His tail flicked violent from side to side as he spoke.

Finished with his rant, Duramfor'ki'nessa struts off down the beach the way you came. You stood there stunned for a moment, not knowing what to make of what he'd said. True, not all the unicorns you'd met thus far were friendly, but most were just guarding their herds. Here was unabashed dislike of humans. Perhaps you couldn't blame him, but you hoped that one day he'd give humans a chance. Maybe your two species needed each other more than he seemed to think they did.

April 2003


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