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You wander for a while then settle on a rock to stare out to sea as Moonlight Waves had been doing before. You wondered if it helped her think as well. There was the sound of sand shifting behind you, so you turn to see an Asrire filly that looked vaguely familiar though you had not seen her before.

"Human," she nods. "My name is Celestial Sea, and this is my half brother, Moon Fire."

You're forced to kink your head way back to get a good look at the larger stallion standing off to your other side. He too looked like another unicorn you'd met before. You ask of their lineage, and she seemed quite pleased to see the names were familiar to you.

"Our dam is Moonlight Waves. My father is Celestial Sky, leader of that Tarsuinn. Moon Fire's sire is the Anditan Asrire Moon Blood. Our dam always liked him, ever since he was a foal......the union was kind of inevitable."

"But I was not welcome anymore than my sire was," Moon Fire said in a deep voice. "Celestial Sky despises him, and sent both he and I running for our lives."

"I followed. I couldn't leave my brother out here alone. Moonlight Waves sometimes sneaks away to make sure her foals are alright. And we are. We don't need anyone else. Moon Fire protects me and I keep him company."

The scars, you wondered. "No," Moon Fire said. "Those I got crossing the Asrire portal. I don't believe Celestial Sky would actually hurt me so."

But just the same, somehow you never thought unicorns were capable of such human feelings towards each other. Feelings like hatred. To imagine a unicorn capable of despising another....you hoped that this was a rare thing amongst their kind. You wondered what Fire Blood did to earn such feelings towards him.

For a moment you thought Celestial Sky had found Moon Fire and was running in for an attack. But then you saw it was another stallion, though very similar.

He panted as he came to a stop, the wild look in his eye vanishing to be repaced by a grin. "Knew he couldn't catch me."

Celestial Sea explained. "This is my brother Wild Heavens. He has a tendency of teasing the dragons into chasing to prove that he can outwit them. He's been successful so far, be we wish he would stop such foolishness. One of these days a dragon will eat him."

"Bah!" was his reply to this. Then he paused and looked behind him. A worried expression crossed his face.

"She was right behind me....."

"Who?" inquired the other two.

"Thundering Echo's."

The other two looked at each other questioningly then repeated their question.

Before he replied a dark coloured mare galloped out of the woods giggling. "That dragon couldn't catch a sleeping turtle let alone a galloping....oh hello." That last came when she noticed Wild Heavens wasn't alone.

The stallion blushed. This is Thundering Echo's, a mare I met while playing with the dragon. Seems we have the same pasttimes." The others sighed and rolled their eyes. If Wild Heavens was thinking of creating a Tarsuinn based on mares with his own personality...well heaven help the Island. Life would get very interesting very fast.

You chat a while longer with the group then, then feeling well rested, you continue down the seemingly endless beach.

Name: Celestial Sea
Gender: Mare
Parents: Moonlight Waves X Celestial Sky
Tarsuinn: Dreams
Offspring: Ocean's Knowledge
September 2001

Name: Moon Fire
Gender: Stallion
Parents: Moonlight Waves X Fire Blood
Note: Half Anditan
Mate: None
Offspring: None
September 2001

Name: Wild Heavens
Gender: Stallion
Parents: Wildberry X Celestial Sky
Mate: None
Offspring: None
December 2002

Name: Thundering Echo's
Gender: Mare
Parents: Mossback X Eternal Lavender
Mate: None
Offspring: None
April 2003

Asrire Unicorns

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