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Celestial Sky led you some way down the beach to where a large blue and white mare was staring out towards the sea. "This is Moonlight Waves."

The sound of here name brought her trotting over to greet her stallion as the others had before. She then turns and bows her head gracefully. "Greetings traveller. May peace find its way to your heart wherever you may roam."

Suddenly the peaceful atmosphere was shattered by the powerful whinny of a huge bloodbay stallion. He galloped like thunder, mane and tail flowing in the ocean wind.

"His name is Fire Blood, an Anditan Asire, different from us." Moonlight Waves said softly as Celestial Sky moved into position to protect his mares.

The Anditan stallion was much bigger than Celestial Sky and seemed much more powerful. But Celestial Sky was strong and wise, and Wildberry stood by his side. Blood Fire snorted, shaking his mane. It wasn't worth it, he seemed to decide. He lashed out with his hooves, then spun around and galloped back into the forest.

Wildberry explained. "We took care of him when he was younger, but he was a trouble maker, hard to control. Punishment only seemed to make him want to get into more mischief. Then one day he vanished. We don't know what happened but he comes back to torment us from time to time. And he never says a word, he just goes through this grand display. We haven't yet had a conflict, I'd rather not have to go that far."

Moonlight Waves looked pensive, but she said nothing.

Tension remained in the air for some time. You decide that you should move on.

Name: Moonlight Waves
Gender: Mare
Parents: Ying Yang X Midnight Sun
Tarsuinn: Tarsuinn of the Moonlit Skies
Offspring: Celestial Sea, Moon Fire
September 2000

Name: Fire Blood
Gender: Stallion
Parents: Golden Sun x Wild Fire
Mate: None
Offspring: Moon Fire
June 2001

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