The golden stallion raised his horn proudly as you enter into his domain. After a quick once-over he decides you are not a threat and takes on a more friendly manner.

"I see you are interested in my Tarsuinn. And just to be sure you understand, its not a herd, its a Tarsuinn." He gives you a look which indicates you would be wise to remember the difference, though exactly what the difference was between the two of them you weren't sure.

"Now, keep in mind that I am very protective of my mares and any attempt to take them from me will not be viewed kindly. Also, my mares are quite capable of taking care of themselves, Wildberry even bearing the mark of the warrior. Tangle with my Tarsuinn and you tangle with all of us."

He may not have viewed you as a threat, but obviously he wanted to make sure that you understood he'd accept no silly business from you crystal clear. He needn't have worry, his strong build and very sharp horn had made the point already.

"Now that you understand the rules, you may meet the other members. Clicking on the portals will take you directly to them."


Celestial Sky


Moonlight Waves
Heart Wish


Wild Heavens


Celestial Seas

He pauses a moment and comes to another decision. "Yes, if you are interested in a foal from the Tarsuinn, you may attempt to get one when there are breedings available in our home Realm. Generally we enjoy seeing the little ones running about. Just remember to send us a portal so that we may visit them from time to time."

"As for taking new members, it will probably be unlikely, but feel free to ask anyways. Perhaps I will be smitten with the filly, or if a stallion, perhaps he may be worthy of helping care for my mares."

Created: April 2003
Last Updated: April 2003

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