[Herald] The Unicorn Herd [Herald]


Near a stream which was emptying itself into the ocean stood a blue and pink unicorn. When she notices you, she gracefully canters up.

She snorts as she stops right before you, not in the least afraid of you. This was a courageous mare you could see. Not knowing what else to do, you introduce yourself and bow before her. She seems to find that a bit amusing.

"My name is Wildberry and I'm an Asrire unicorn. There is no need to be so humble before me! I'm quite friendly, though that doesn't mean I don't bite. I bear the mark of the warrior upon my cheek, but I prefer to use my skills to protect the herd, though I must admit my temper can get away with me sometimes." She looks almost embarassed as her mind dwells on some incident. You think its best not to inquire too deeply about it.

The wind blows and she holds her head high to smell the air. You could tell she wanted to run with it, to chase the wind around the world and back again. This one was no tame farm horse, she was a creature wild and free, and nothing was ever going to bind her.

The other mare was much more lovingly gentle. She came forward without fear, and without menace.

"Welcome traveller, my name is Heart Wish." She nuzzled you gently, her heavy thick mane falling into her eyes. She tossed her head slightly so she could see better, almost hitting you with her horn. With much sincerity she apologized for not being more careful.

She then looks at something over your shoulder and behind you. Wildberry whinnied. "Celestial Sky!"

You turned to see a proud golden stallion. The warrioress galloped up to him and touched horns. He then trotted over and did the same with the shyer Heart Wish.

Then he turned his attention to you. "I am the stallion of this Tarsuinn. My name is Celestial Sky." He said nothing more, but watched you, as one would expect a stallion to do while he guarded his herd. Not that Wildberry needed any protection.

Heart Wish nudges him gently, "Don't you wish to show him the others?"

As if that had been his intention all along, he snorted and announced that you should follow him.

Name: Celestial Sky
Gender: Stallion
Parents: Unknown
Tarsuinn: Tarsuinn of the Moonlit Skies
Offspring: Celestial Sea, Wild Heavens
August 2001

Name: Wildberry
Gender: Mare
Parents: Unknown
Tarsuinn: Tarsuinn of the Moonlit Skies
Offspring: Wild Heavens
January 22, 2000

Name: Heart Wish
Gender: Mare
Parents: Unknown
Tarsuinn: Tarsuinn of the Moonlit Skies
Offspring: None
Note: Valentine's Day Random
February 2003

Asrire Unicorns

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