[Herald] The Unicorn Herd [Herald]


And another of these creatures you did meet, but unlike the bright colours of other you had met, this one flowed with a pure white coolness.

The albino stallion slowed as he neared you till he finally came to a stop. He tossed his mane and swished his tail. At last he bowed his head in greeting.

"I am Gsyia'tri'Tyme." These were the only words you were to ever hear him speak

It felt as if time had been frozen in place, nothing moved. The ocean breezes stopped blowing, the waves stopped crashing upon the shore, the birds were caught in mid-flight. Then the unicorn moved, silent and beautiful. In a dreamlike state he started at a trot, then moved on to a canter and finally a ghostly gallop till he has passed you by, not disturbing a hair, not a single current of air spoke of his passage, not a hoofbeat.

But when time freed itself from the hold of the magical creature, the unicorn was gone.

There was not a trace of him.

Not a hoofprint.


You had become used to visiting the unicorns. This one reminded you of their magical beauty and their wonderous powers. You were not going to take them for granted again, you were not going to forget that your journey here was a precious one, a gift given to you from some unknown source to meet these creatures of myth and legend.

The Ghost of Ages had spoken from the past and brought those dreams back to life once more.

Name: Gsyia'tri'Tyme - "Ghost of Ages"
Gender: Stallion
Parents: Dy'zhehia + Vel'tani
Note: Albino
March 2001

Crystal Unicorn

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