[Herald] The Unicorn Herd [Herald]


You continue along the soft sand beach. You walk close to the water so that the waves wash right up to your feet, but never actually touch. You let your mind wander as you listen to the ocean, the wind and the birds soaring high overhead. Your thoughts are eventually interrupted by a soft voice.

"Greetings human. I hope I'm not disturbing your daydreams."

You look at the lovely unicorn mare which stood before you. "I'm not really a unicorn you see," she explains. "I am a Galaxian, and my name is Nisha." The playful ocean breezes dance with her brilliant mane and tail, sending the curls and lengths into a frenzy of colour.

"This is a place of daydreams to be sure," she continues. "Please continue on to the places where your mind was taking you before I disturbed you." And she leaves, her hooves leave silent prints in the sand.

You didn't need to let you mind wander to find yourself in wonderous places. For there could be no more wonderous places than where the unicorns roam.

September 2000

Galaxian Unicorns

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