[Herald] The Unicorn Herd [Herald]


You whistle as you walk along the beach. Suddenly the sound of hoofbeats could be heard. You look behind you and were surprised by two palomino unicorns galloping in your direction.

They skid to a halt, the bigger one nearly running over the smaller one in front. They gasp for air.

"Don't go that way!" the smaller one indicates, pointing back toward the Warrior Unicorn. "The stallion there is not very friendly."

You nod, saying that you had already met him.

The larger one grins. "Well then. I'm Mirage and this is my sister Mystic."

"Pleased to meet you!" Mystic adds.

You couldn't help but notice how Mirage's mane kept flying up. Mystic giggles. "Yeah, and half the time people don't believe he's a unicorn since they can't see his horn!"

You start to chuckle, it seems like Mystic couldn't speak without using an exclamation point somewhere.

"Well, off we go again. Perhaps we'll see you around again later."

As they disappeared, the world faded and was no longer so golden bright anymore. You continued on in the hopes of meeting another of these wonderful creatures.

Name: Mystic and Mirage
Gender: Female and Male
Parents: Wild
January 2001

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