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You stare at the stallion. He stares at you. This was not one of those nice, fragile creatures you hear about in stories. This one was heavyset and very strong. In addition to his horn he had antlers and spikes along his back. He tossed his mane and then spoke:
I am Tornado's Fury, a Warrior Unicorn and you've entered my territory.

You have a sudden flash back to the Flame unicorns and how territorial they were. You weren't sure which race of unicorns intimidated you more. Once again you find yourself begging forgiveness for you ignorance.

He studies you a moment and then bows his head slightly.

"I accept your apology."

There is a long moment of uncomfortable silence where no one speaks. You ask him about the pattern on his coat.

He sighs. "I have powers of the wind and air." He gives you a significant look.

You ask him where he is from.

"Ucorna Downs." Stated as a matter of fact. Another look.

You suggest that maybe you should leave. He nods. "Yes, I think that would be wise."

Name: Tornado's Fury
Gender: Male
Power: Wind and air
Parents: Wild
January 2001

Ucorna Downs

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