[Herald] The Unicorn Herd [Herald]


Suddenly it got very cold. So cold that it even started to snow. Shivering, you pull close a cloak you didn't even know you had! Luckily it was warm and lined with a soft down. You were fairly certain no animal gave its life for this cloak, not in a place like this. You were wondering what kind of creature could have such soft fur which it could share with travellers when two pure white deer bounded through the snow drifts.

When they saw you they both stopped and stared at you, eyes and ears alert. A small gust of wind caught the corner of your cloak and both creatures turned and fled. You were sad to see them leave. It seemed that not just the unicorns were magical creatures here. You were startled when you heard the sound of someone speaking to you.

Greetings and Merry Wishes, wanderer. My name in your language translates to Evergreen Whispers. I was a gift to this Realm Keeper from Lady Brooklyn at Christmas time. The two reindeer came with me as well. They like it here, though they are shy and not very often see by even the other unicorns. On the beaches here the snow always falls and human cheeks are always rosy. The holly and the ivy grow year round and the pointsetias are forever red. The reindeer play and the unicorns frolick."

Sure enough, you could see a group of unicorns playing in the snow. Soon you had joined them in a snowball fight, you throwing balls with your hands while they kick them with their hooves. Even without fingers, the unicorns were winning by far. Soon you were little more than a snow covered person, more akin to a snowman than a wanderer, as the Okapi unicorn has greeted you. You weren't completely sure, but you thought you had seen the two reindeer join in the games. But they were white and hard to see, and since most of the unicorns here were white as well, it was hard to tell them apart.

When you were ready to leave the unicorns helped you shake off the snow and sent you on your way. Just as it seemed to be getting warmer and the snow less deep, a large snowball hit you in the back. You spun around but there was nothing to see. Though you were sure you could hear giggling among the trees......

December 1999

Enchanted World

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