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Here the air was much cooler and filled with the scents of the hundreds of flowers growing along the forest's edge. There were flowers you recognized - daisies, pansies, cornflowers - but there were many, many more you had no name for, each one more beautiful and fantastical than the last. Just as you wondered how so many flowers could thrive in such sandy soil, the answer appeared before you. A shimmering golden mare with delicate wings.

[Morning Dew]

"Do you like them?" she asks.

You reply that you were just admiring them and she smiles. "Some make fun of me and say that I am like their mother. But its not a joke, for they are like my children. My name is Morning Dew and welcome to my pride and joy, my garden by the sea."

The suddenly she spun around, "Ah! Ah! No! Stop!" and she chased down a rogue squirrel that was digging a hole in the midst of her garden, one would assume to bury something for the winter. Winter...you couldn't image such a thing ever came to this Island of eternal spring.

Name: Morning Dew
Gender: Mare
Parents: Wild
Element: Flower/Dawn
Tribe: Aurora Twilight
Notes: Spiraled Horn and Fey Wings mutation
March 2003

Mountain Unicorns


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