[Herald] The Unicorn Herd [Herald]


The air seems to crackle around the beach with electric intensity. It is very hot and dry, nevermind the ocean being right there. And though you think you hear thunder in the distance, all you can see above you is clear sky and the burning sun. Never had you ever been to a place that felt so, well, charged. Suddenly twin bolts of lightning flash before you. In the explosion of light, you could see a unicorn stallion standing between the twin forks.

[Bolt] [Spider Flame] [Bolt]

The unicorn just glares at you and stamps the ground with his left hoof. With the next flash of lightning, you could see the light reflecting off a gold ring in his left ear. Finally he speaks.

"I am Spider Flame, Flame of Webs. I was named after the patterns on my coat. Who are you? You are not welcome here."

This unicorn is obviously territorial and likes to be left alone. You explain that you were just exploring the beach of Unicorn Island which led you to his part of the shore. He continues to glare but at least he stopped stamping his hooves.

Then a pair of Flame unicorns appears, a stallion and a mare. The mare dances skittishly while the stallion tosses his head upon he seeing Spider Flame. They glare at each other.

[Frosted Dawn Flame]

[Whisper Flame]

The newcomer raises one hind hoof and stamps it hard on the ground. Spider lowers his horn. The mare takes shelter behind her stallion. After a staring contest you thought would never end, the younger submits to the elder and the newcomer backs down. Then he turns to you.

"I am Frosted Dawn Flame and this is my mate Whisper Flame. We will guide you out of Spider Flame's territory. And best not to return without his permission."

You agree with him immediately. Besides, the electric charges were making the hairs on your arms stand on end, a rather odd feeling. So you follow the handsome stallion and his shy but beautiful mate, though he never lets you get close enough for you to touch either of them.

Name: Spider Flame (Flame of Webs)
Gender: Stallion
Parents: Blue Flame x Purple Flame
Mate: Sun Flame
Offspring: Emerald Flame

Name: Frosted Dawn Flame (Flame of Snow on the Horizon)
Gender: Male
Parents: FullMoon x Open-Dawn
Mate: Whisper Flame
December 2000

Name: Whisper Flame (Flame of the Soft Secrets)
ID: n006
Gender: Mare
Parents: Wild
Mate: Frosted Dawn Flame
March 2003

The Flame Valley


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