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You left the cheerful Crystal unicorns and sought out some solitude on the beach. Eventually you found the perfect spot and settled down on a rock to watch the sunset reflecting in the ocean. You weren't sure how long he had been standing there, watching you watching the sea.

His mane was long and draped in shimmering ripples over his neck. Around his fetlocks was feathering thick and white. And oddly out of place, a large Irish flag on his back. There would probably be a good story to go with that, so you introduce yourself.

He nods, "I am Caelen, a Drum-Crystal, from another far-away island named the Island of the Mist. There the mist never completely vanishes and keeps my homeland hidden from prying eyes." He raises his head, "But I do enjoy how the days are sometimes so clear here, but the threat of mist and fog is always present and that makes me happy too."

You couldn't resist, you had to ask about the flag. He actually seems to find your question a little amusing. "You've heard of another island, one called Ireland?" You nod, of course you had, you were just surprised that the unicorn knew of it. "It is a very ancient and magical place, and also unstable. There are ways to...'slip' in and out of it, if you can find the right place to do it. They are a very welcoming people and they gave me this flag as a keepsake."

Mystery solved or mystery deepened, you weren't sure. But somehow you were reassured that your world was connected with this one, and that gentle creatures, such as the one standing before you now, could sometimes bring a little of their magic with them.

You tell him that you'd met other Crystals and he nods. "We are similar, but different. We are larger, and our heavy hooves are completely feathered, the amount of feathering is actually a sign of one's purety of bloodline, for mixing with a normal Crystal will result in less feathers. We also come in fewer colours, usally black-and-white or dapple grey. Otherwise we are very much like our Crystal cousins."

As Caelen begins to walk slowly down the beach, he says to you in parting, "I am certain we will meet again, perhaps on some misty emerald isle of your dreams..."

Name: Caelen
ID: 466
Gender: Stallion
Parents: Wild
Birth Band: Wild
Band: Dunvegann's'Melli
Offspring: Ciaran
Note: St. Patrick's Day Draw and first Drum-Crystal
April 2005

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