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The stallion lay in the sand staring out to the sea. You recognized him as a Crystal unicorn, and yet, he was different somehow. His horn had entwined a twisted band, his mane a flaming red, his coat white with purple. He flicked his tail and you felt a powerful sense of knowledge.

His name was Fayfle'falli, or Forbidden Lore. He was indeed not a Crystal unicorn, but rather a Painted Crystal. The result of a union between a Painted Unicorn sire and a Crystal unicorn dam. This explained his unusually colourful coat, and his uniquely formed horn.

And as such, he found himself apart from the other unicorns of the Island. He did not journey to meet the Painted unicorns on the other side of the Island, he still associated himself more with the Crystals. And so he remained near them, but apart. Not that they refused him, but that he merely prefered it that way.

He prefered the solitude he could find here, to gaze for hours out over the sea. No one knew exactly what it was that he was seeing, but what he saw was not with his eyes. At such times the others did not disturb him, as you had felt the power he held, so did they. Perhaps he was seeking answers, or perhaps he had all the answers but was seeking the questions. Either way, it was beyond the comprehension of others, and that suited him as well.

There were some things that were just not meant to be known.

Name: Fayfle'falli [Forbidden Lore]
ID: PC-8
Gender: Stallion
Parents: Natheyiv - B x Yixan'zazu'la - U
Birth Band: NA
Band: Kabiyin'Alani
Offspring: ???
Note: Painted Crystal
May 2005

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