[Herald] The Winged Ones [Herald]


You remain on the same cloud, but this time instead of gazing at the world below you lie on your back and gaze upon the world above. You could see the wispy clouds at the greatest heights, and the occasional puff that would pass much closer, though not close enough to reach. Your mind begins to drift as a bird fluttered by from time to time. Soon, you wake with a start, not realizing you had even fallen asleep. To your wondering eyes there was a vibrant Crystal unicorn mare with delicate butterfly wings rising up with great speed.

She sees you from the corner of her eye and with a gentle flutter of her delicate wings she halts, and then in a smooth curve turns to land near where you are lying. This close you could see the golden twist on her horn, a sign that she was a Painted Crystal.

The was a soft shuffle behind your head and you sit up to see that another winged Crystal mare had joined you on the cloud. This one had such tiny wings you wondered how she could have risen to such heights, but then, that is the way of magic, simply one wonder after another.

No one spoke, somehow it just didn't seem necessary. It was just you, sitting upon a cloud, unbelievably high in a sunlight sky, just the touch of the breeze on your skin and the sound of the gentle breaths of a pair of winged unicorns for company.

Then the second mare raised her head to look up at something above. You glance up but see nothing but the brillant sun shining warm and golden, but when you look back, the two mares were gone, as silent as when they had arrived, as if they had never been, not even a hoofprint to prove they were not a dream.

"Who are you?"

You were startled out of your reverie by a curious voice. Turning to look behind you, there was a small winged unicorn, nearly bouncing on her hooves with youthful energy, her crystal wings fluttering excitedly.

Name: Oiche'Xen [Silent Dryad]
ID: 1147pc
Gender: Mare
Parents: 1154p x Kissetraah'trriger - 1061
Birth Band: None
Band: None
Offspring: None
January 2015
Name: Torte'mensinonna [Broken Dimensions]
ID: 812
Gender: Mare
Parents: 168 x 333
Birth Band: Czancani'palmn
Band: None
Offspring: None
January 2015
Name: Nix [Pixie]
ID: 1205
Gender: Mare
Parents: S'k^Truffle - PC32 x Fayfle'falli - PC008
Birth Band: Kabiyin'Alani
Band: None
Offspring: None
April 2015

Crystal Unicorns


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