[Herald] The Winged Ones [Herald]


You relax upon one of the clouds, lying on your belly and looking down on the world below. You can make out Unicorn Island surrounded by the sea, and off in the distance there was a much larger land mass, must be the rest of the Realm. But up here, it was simply quiet and peaceful, the sun warm on your back and the clouds the softest bed one could imagine.

As you watch below, you see a graceful white form with large brown wings glide by beneath you. The mare seems to sense your presence and circles up to land beside you. You stare in wonder, at those delicate leaf like markings up on her coat and the smaller pair of wings beneath her large ones. She was simply angelic.

A dark shadow passes over you, as above a pair of enormous grey wings soar by. The stallion also circles lower and lands next to the mare, his coat covered in the same gentle leaf markings but his build was much bigger and heavier than her delicate frame, his pure white mane and tail flowing like a river to soft white ground upon which he now majestically stood.

It was like being in the presence of the divine, these two creatures. You couldn't bring yourself to speak, for words could not express the moment you were feeling, and they seemed to understand that and said nothing either. The wind rustled their manes as you gazed in wonder at them. And then, like a dream, they took to the air again, mother and son, to vanish into the afternoon light.

Name: Kalla'blyssna'tri'ay'agae [The Wings of an Angel]
ID: 996
Gender: Mare
Parents: 351 x 431
Birth Band: Laycen'lo'shire
Band: Spirall'pieran
Offspring: None
July 2010
Name: Vali'Trola [Divine Feather]
ID: 1126pc
Gender: Stallion
Parents: 996 x 883p
Birth Band: None
Band: None
Offspring: None
February 2014

Crystal Unicorns


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