[Herald] The Winged Ones [Herald]


As you sit up on one nice large and fluffy cloud, you gaze at the ground beneath you. It was covered with a lush forest, in fact it looked like an outright jungle down there. You could see bright flashes of colour as what must be brilliantly feathered birds darted in and out of the tree tops. That's when you noticed a pair of winged unicorns rising up for the foliage, up towards your cloud.

The pair had beautiful feathered wings, just like the tropical birds you had been watching before, but amazing were their zebra coats, delicate patterns that were unlike any Crystal you'd seen before. The settled on the cloud nearby, though not so close that they couldn't take to the air if you proved to be a danger. The older mare nodded as the stallion lay down to bask in the sun.

"I a Zoryzi'desta, and this is my colt Tesha'Agae. How is it that a human finds itself in our Realm?"

You tell your story and they listen intently. In turn, you ask them about the Jungles below. "You are passing over a part of the Realm called the Plains of the Mystical Horses, while Plains may not be the right word to describe the region as you find all kinds of climates, including the Jungle in which the Whorlings and other creatues roam."

Name: Zoryzi'desta [Dreaming Darkness]
ID: 363
Gender: Mare
Parents: 150 x 115
Birth Band: Nanri'desta
Band: None
Offspring: None
July 2010
Name: Tesha'Agae [Exotic Angel]
ID: 1182pc
Gender: Stallion
Parents: Mineklis - 903p x Zoryzi'desta - 363
Birth Band: NA
Band: Zwirlse'Cahanna
Offspring: Zen'Eces
February 2015

Crystal Unicorns


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