[Herald] The Winged Ones [Herald]


As you grew more confident so high in the sky, you began to feel as if you could never fall. Having moved from cloud to cloud, whether through the help of one of the Winged Ones or simply by jumping as they passed close enough, it seemed like you could stay up there forever.

But you grew overconfident, and as you leapt from one cloud to another, you realized your destination was little more than a wisp and you passed right through and continued downwards. The wind rush past but there was nothing to slow your fall, the ground was approaching with an alarming rate, when suddenly a brown form appeared beneath, gently catching you upon her back and bringing you safely to the ground.

Your legs shaking, you carefully dismount and thank the winged Crystal that had just saved your life, thanking her repeatedly. She nods her horn. That's when you notice that she is not alone!

"I am Zen'Eces, and this is my Crystal Dragon companion, Xoro." The little dragon, upon hearing his name, stopped rooting in the bushes and screeched in response. Noting that he wasn't being called to leave just yet, he went back to...well whatever was doing. A moment later his goal was made clear.

A brown bunny came racing out of the bushes, terrified of the little dragon that wasn't really that much bigger than him. Seeing the Crystal, it sought refuge amongst the mare's legs. The dragon, about to give chase had to settle itself some distance off disappointed.

The mare seemed a bit surprised, "A plains rabbit, I didn't realize that any had left the Crystal homerealm. But then maybe with the Crystal dragons needing to expand as well, perhaps it is not surprising."

Name: Zen'Eces [Hollow Thorn]
ID: 1219
Gender: Mare
Parents: Tesha'Agae - 1182pc x Yarra'ah'Quis - 1162
Birth Band: Zwirlse'Cahanna
Band: None
Offspring: None
April 2015
Name: Xoro
ID: 003
Gender: Male
Parents: Wild
Offspring: None
April 2015

Crystal Unicorns


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