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Eventually the heat of the day faded to the coolness of the evening. You say goodbye to your companions and return to the beach. You stop in awe over what met your eyes, a sleek grey stallion reared up to the sky.

As you watched, you realized he wasn't fighting anything. He wasn't even playing games. He was dancing. You watch in wonder at his graceful movements, one flowing into the next, sometimes slow, often fast. At times he did things you thought it wasn't physically possible for him to do. And all without a pause.

After some time he stopped and graces you with a bow. You weren't even aware that he had noticed you in the trees. You come forward to introduce yourself and compliment his dance.

"Thank you," he replied. "My name is Tz'mysesia. In your language it means New Song. Strangely though, I'm not a very good singer, but I do enjoy music and to dance with it." He spoke of music as if it were another living being, to dance with it rather than to it. That his dance could alter the music itself even as the music altered his dance. You knew you'd never feel what this unicorn could feel, but you certainly enjoyed watching the results.

It wasn't long before another dancing stallion appeared. He came from the forest, surrounded by leaves. His dance was very different from that of Tz'mysesia. It was airy and bright, lively and full of life. You stare in wonder as the leaves float about him, as if dancing as well.

When he was done, the two stallions bowed to each other, and the newcomer bowed to you. The leaves gently floated to the ground and settled at his hooves. "Greetings wanderer, I am Fallo'tri'Kahdun." He was calm and serene, everything a unicorn should be, and his white face gave him such an interesting character.

You turn to see another stallion not wishing to be left out of this impromptu dance "competition". This stallion's dance was about power and strength and you marveled at how his muscles held him in certain poses.

When he was done, he bowed before you and the others stallions, the stallions replied with a nod of respect. "My name is Isiphine." And then awaited your judgement. The others also looked upon you expectantly, as if wanting to know who was best. But comparing their styles was akin to comparing a waltz with break-dancing. There was no way to say one was better than another, they were just different and both good. You explained this to them, and though they didn't recognize the names of the dances, they understood what you were trying to say.

"Can you teach me this break-dance?" Isiphine asked. Oh boy....

Name: Tz'mysesia [New Song]
ID: 304
Gender: Stallion
Parents: Hakaie - M x Li'sab - L
Birth Band: Chreina'tri'Yazz'Darhti
Band: Simuun's'Sorren
Offspring: R'Avie'tri'Ayr
September 2005

Name: Fallo'tri'Kahdun [Breath of Life]
ID: 668
Gender: Stallion
Parents: Wild
Birth Band: Wild
Band: Spirall'pieran
Offspring: None
October 2005

Name: Isiphine [Peppered]
ID: 682
Gender: Stallion
Parents: Soirass - 455 x Zeren'Rynsta - 416
Birth Band: Amaar'Cayba
Band: None
Offspring: None
October 2005

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