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You shiver, for the growing twilight had caused the air to turn cold. What had been an extremely hot day, and a perfect evening had become chilly. You enter the forest once more, for it seemed better able to maintain its warmth while the exposed beach lost its heat to the cooling seas.

A mist rose from the still warm ground into the icy air. It hung think in the forest making what had been the most beautiful and safe place you'd ever felt you'd been, into something much more sinister. You find a comfortable spot and attempted sleep.

What happened next you could only describe as a dream, and yet you felt as if you had never really succeeded in attaining sleep, but it was the only possible explanation of what you saw. Because, what you had seen, must have been a ghost.

They came out of the mist, grey in colour, and at first you thought it might be Tz'mysesia, the grey stallion you'd met earlier, and some companion. But you soon realized it was a mare with a twisted horn, and a second, younger filly. They moved without the slightest sound, which didn't alarm you at first, most of the unicorns were very quiet when they moved. But at the same time, you knew there was something different...it was the mist around them. They did not disturb it as they passed.

As they neared, the moonlight filtering through the trees illuminated their forms...or what form there was. You stared, because you found yourself staring through them. At the legs on their far side through the legs of their near. At the trees behind them. You gasp, and they rise up at the sound, they younger pinnig back her ears menacingly.

And then, they just faded right back into the mist. You keep telling yourself that it was an optical illusion, something about the way the moon reflected off their silvery coats. And that they didn't vanish, but that they just moved quickly back into the mist, like any solid creature would have.

But in the morning, there were no hoofprints, not a sign of their presence. The dream, and it had to have been a dream, was a strange one, and you wondered what it meant.

Name: Gsyia'to'kalla'hyu [Ghost in the Mirror]
ID: PC-28
Gender: Mare
Crystal Sire: Caelen - 466
Paint Dam: Edfeina'nemensta - 724
Birth Band: NA
Band: Spirall'Pieran
Offspring: Hyur'tri'kalla'Navarre
October 2005

Name: Hyur'tri'kalla'Navarre [Hour of the Wolf]
ID: 1097
Gender: Mare
Parents: Gsyia'to'kalla'hyu - PC28 x Main'kze'gsyia - 700
Birth Band: Spirall'Pieran
Band: None
Offspring: None
August 2010

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