[Herald] The Unicorn Herd [Herald]


Confused, you return to the beach. Was that mare you saw a ghost? A dream? A figment of your imagination? Or was she truly as strange as she appeared. You lay down on the beach to stare up at the morning sky. The clouds were lovely today.

Wait...what was that black dot up there? It wasn't there a moment ago, it appeared to have come right out of one of the clouds. Slowly it grew in size and you could make out the main form with large wings on either side. A pegasus? The graceful creature continued his descent till he landed nearby on the beach.

He had not noticed you. Instead, he seemed intent on something else, staring out across the ocean. He stood motionless, the wind gently ruffling his feathers. You hold your breath, not wanting to frighten him. Then, without warning he reared back, wings spread gloriously wide, and with a few powerful beats, he was back in the air, returning to the clouds high above. The Realm of the Winged Ones in their cloudy heights.

The serenity of the moment was broken by a curse, "Darn it!" You turn to see a winged unicorn mare tangled up in what looked like Christmas lights.

It was such an odd sight all you could do was stare. "Her name is Dyhkma, which means Tangle. I think her dam must have been clairvoyant, don't you thing?" Again you turn to see another Christmas themed unicorn, this one grinning with amusement. "My namd is Zehkma, or Jingle."

Dyhkma glares the pair of you. "I could use some help here..." Trying hard to hide your grin, you help Zehkma untangle Dyhkma, at the same time asking about that strange stallion.

"Ah, that's Xiead~Cduns. No one is quite sure why he comes done from Pegasus Heights to stare out to sea on Unicorn Island. I know we come here to visit the other unicorns, but he just stands there and associates with no one. Not exactly a talkative chap." Dyhkma sighs a deep breath of relief as she was freed from her bonds. "Thanks."

Zehkma looks up at the sky, "Truth be told, we should be getting back too. Perhaps you will come up to visit the Winged Ones some day?" You nod, though you had no idea how you were to get waaaaay up there. You watch the pair of mares as they disappear into the clouds. A quick glance around to make sure that no one was watching, and you reach down to unscrew one of the bulbs, another momento add to your magical confetti you got from the Crystal mare.

Name: Xiead~Cduns [Quiet Storm]
ID: 116
Gender: Stallion
Parents: Wild
Rant: Csengehk Cgimm
October 2005

Name: Dyhkma [Tangle]
ID: Click1
Gender: Mare
Parents: Wild
Rant: None
October 2005

Name: Zehkma [Jingle]
ID: Click2
Gender: Mare
Parents: Wild
Rant: None
October 2005

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