Leseen'yorin and Edfeina'nemensta

[Herald] Leseen'yorin and Edfeina'nemensta [Herald]


When darkness falls... (©SunBlind)

When darkness falls the world can only be seen through shadows. Colours merge into the shades of night, forms become indistinct and what was once gentle and kind becomes a thing of menace. Leseen'yorin is a creation of the darkness. Cast out by others of his kind he wandered the Realms alone. Over time this solitude turned cold within his heart, hardened like ice, hard as stone. The world had forsaken him, but he was not going to allow it to forget him.

His name was to be known across many lands, Stolen Blood. The dark taint that flowed through his veins, the vampire of legend made flesh and bone with a soul twisted in hate against those that walk the light. He grew to understand, to know, that he was greater than they were, he held them in thrall with his power of fear. Like a decadent lord he walked among his lowly subjects, taking from them as he pleased. They were all at the mercy of his whim.

He took to wearing a cloak of midnight black, secured about his neck with a clasp formed of a blood red bat. His ears he pinned back flat upon his head, and few were to see them any other way. He could often be found standing upon the cliffs overlooking the Island of the unicorns. They were his kind and he despised them most of all. Through his aristocartic bearing he made it clear to all that he no longer considered himself one of them. He now cast himself out of their society.


When darkness falls the world grows still, and silence fills the air, palpable in its lack of sound. With the sun no longer offering warmth to the lands beneath, the air grows cold and one finds oneself alone with one's thoughts. Foolish worries over things that cannot change. Sad regrets for things that could have been but were not. Alone with nothing but one's heartbeat for company, the rest of the world gone dark and out of sight.

And in the moment of deepest silence, the air is disturbed with the presence of one who once was, and could no longer be. She is all those things, the hopes and joys of the future, the regrets of the past, all the Faded Memories. Her name is Edfeina'nemensta.

While Yorin's heart had frozen hard, Edfeina's was as insubstantial as an evening breeze. Whether she had died and forgotten to move on, or if she had always been more spirit than flesh, the unicorn herd did not know. But where the tales of Yorin terrified them with nightmares, Edfeina moved those who catch a glimpse of her with sympathy. She who walked the world but unware of all things about her. Lost in the memories that were her very being.


Fate can be a cruel thing, and Destiny equally unkind. But at times they take pity on those they have harmed and offer them a second chance, an opportunity to free themselve of a past that won't let go.


Yorin was as usual wandering quietly through the forest of the Island looking for victims who were foolish enough to cross his path. Though he made not a sound, it was nothing compared to the absence sound created by the mare. He paused as he saw the faded silver glow before him, having yet to encounter something such as this, a fairy tale much like himself.

Though he raised his head to the wind, she had no scent. Though he pricked his ears forward, she made no sound. As he moved closer, he was to find she had not warmth. And as he touched her, he found she had no more substance than the seaspray breaking upon the sandy shore nearby. Cool, but a sensation that evaporates quickly like a mist.

And she took no notice of him.

Enfuriated, his ears pinned themselve in their familiar pose and he bared his teeth at this disrespectful female. He didn't know who she was, be she was about to learn of him. Cursing her, threatening her with hoof and horn, he did little more than make a fool of himself. He's make more of an impression if he he'd challenged the gathering fog that envelopped the Island before a storm.

The mare moved about, repeating motions she'd made for years uncountable, the stallion at all times trying to distract her for a moment. Black cloack swirling about, eyes blazing like a devil, he could no more make her care for his presence then get the nearby rocks to line up and pay homage to him. But of course, he cared not at all for the reverence of rocks, he wanted the mare to see him. For he had begun to fell as invisible as she and had begun to worry that he was the phantom and she the one with form.

Throughout the night he followed her meanderings, though not always able to follow her exact path. She walked where she had walked years ago, long before the trees that now stood in her way were even seeds. But she did not see them, for they were not there in her memories, but her memories were fading, and she was afraid, for they were all she had.

Edfeina tried to hold on to those memories. The ancient oak that grew to her right, the soft growth of fern up ahead that tickled one's knees as they walked through it. What the morning smelt like. She found all these things now only came to her in a dream, a fog, as is she had now not only lost her body, but was in the process of losing her mind. She felt the moonlight trickle through her body and she paused to look up at it....

And the moon vanished into darkness.

She reared back in shock and surpise. The world came crashing in around her, smells, sights, sounds, all the horrors of the here and now. Things were not where they should be. The ancient oak had long since died, its bones now rotting in the earth. The ferns had been replaced by a river that had once flowed nearly a mile but had overflown its banks and changed its course.

And a stallion, black as night, stood between her and the soothing softness of them moon. No mists enshrouded him, he was solid as no memory could ever be. He stood there with amazement in his eyes, for he had not hoped of ever bringing her back to this world, though he had given up hope for her, he had persisted out of sheer stubborness...and a desire not to let her disappear forever.


And thus, Fate and Destiny create a new legend from a couple old tales. Where the ghost and the vampire roamed around, the young colts and fillies of the herd now hear of the ghost and the vampire that roam together. While the ghost had been brought forth from her memories to face the world, the vampire had forgotten to hate it. No longer were they lost to their lonely fates. The mare, teaching her stallion not to hate. The stallion, teaching the mare to let go...and remember.


Name: Leseen'yorin (Stolen Blood)
ID: 723
Gender: Stallion
Parents: Wild
Class: Theli
Glory: Filanasta
Mate: Edfeina'nemensta
Charity: Ath'mirithar
December 2004
Name: Edfeina'nemensta (Faded Memories)
ID: 724
Gender: Mare
Parents: Wild
Class: Nitheli
Glory: Unlasta se Cassta
Mate: Leseen'yorin
Charity: Ath'mirithar
December 2004

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