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You spent some time with the other unicorns till they finally all left. And once again you were alone. You started up again along the beach, beginning to wonder exactly how big this island was and how long it would take to get around it. Soon you came across a formless shape up ahead. As you grew closer, you realized why you couldn't recognize it as a unicorn, the mare was under a beach parasol.

She looked up as you approached. You must have looked hot, and maybe a little sunburned for she shifted, giving you room to sit in her shade. "Hello, I am Warhmt'avie, come and rest a bit. The sun is pleasant for a short while, but it can get very hot in the afternoons."

You sit and chat for a while, then finally ask the question that had been bothering you, about the size of the island and the length of the beach. The Crystal mare seemed surprised. "Oh, I thought you knew! The Island is always as big as it needs to be." She smiled. You wondered if that was a trick answer or something, but then again, you'd seen enough magic to just maybe, possibly, believe that this could be true.

After a while you get up, brushing sand off your bottom, and continue along the beach. A faint mist had rolled in off the sea, just enough to make an already magical land a little more magical. An faint figure materializes before you, a Crystal mare.

She seemed to dance upon the golden sand, fog wisping about her hooves. She stopped nearby and said in a soft, quiet voice, "I am Geniu'myshia." Just then the fog thickened and the mare vanished. Going to where she had last stood you search about in vain, she as simply gone, only the hoofprints in the sand was proof she ever existed.

However, there was no doubt of the existence of this heavy-set stallion with his bright pink mane and tail. He sort of plodded over to where you were standing and looked into the fog where the little mare had disappeared. His tail swished quietly while the two of you stood there. Then he gave you a sideways glance and grinned.

"My dam told me about you. You might remember her, a pink and white coated mare? Named Ma's'chena?"

He paused a moment to give you time to remember, but how could you forget that scene of the pink foal and her golden mare. Roses and hearts. You nod.

"Good!" he said tossing his mane. "I am Scara'tri'for. In your language that means Scent of Dew. I also have a brother Ravesh'chianna who lives among the Winged Ones. He looks a lot more like my sire. I on the other hand...well I look like myself." The good natured stallion grinned again brightly. You found yourself enjoying the company of the big softie.

The fog by now had lifted, as if the stallion was the sun and his appearance had burned it off. He nods a farewell and continues on his way.

Name: Warhmt'avie [Summer Shade]
ID: 965
Gender: Mare
Parents: Wild
Birth Band: Wild
Band: None
Offspring: None
July 2006

Name: Geniu'myshia [Gentle Willow]
ID: 977
Gender: Mare
Parents: Wild
Birth Band: Wild
Band: None
Offspring: None
June 2007

Name: Scara'tri'for [Scent of Dew]
ID: 999
Gender: Stallion
Parents: Jalik - 709 x Ma's'chena - 530
Birth Band: Aneg'Tolkai
Band: None
Offspring: None
September 2007

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