[Herald] The Winged Ones [Herald]


The young stallion reared up. Another morning had come and he was fully of energy and life. There certainly wasn't a moment to waste in this most wonderful day. The sun was bright and warm, the clouds were soft and white, and not a hint of rain on the horizon.

He flexed his small wings in preparation for flight. Then with a happy skip and a bound Ravesh'chianna took to the air, reveling in the feeling of the wind through his mane and the weightless of his soaring glide. He was the first of the Crystal Unicorns to join SunBlind's Realm to have been blessed with wings. Thus, he tended to spend more time up here, in the Heights, than he did on Unicorn Island. It always felt like he was being tied down when forced to walk upon the solid earth, even if that earth was soft like the sandy beach that surrounded the Island.

No, it was much better to fly! To soar! To glide and spiral and loop. This was how life was meant to be lived!

The unicorns never gave sign of being jealous, but he felt that they must have some small bit of jealousy hidden away in the corner of their hearts, for who would not wish to be able to take to the air whenever one pleased? But then again, perhaps they simply did not know what they were missing and were truly without a jealous bone in their body. But then he felt he should pity them a little, for they were denied this great gift that he loved so dearly. He wished he could carry them, show them the sights from a point of view they could only have dreamed of. But his wings were small, only big enough to carry his own weight.

So he went to visit them every day, accepting the fact that he must place his hooves upon the soil of the earth to be with them. But when the moment was right, he'd return to the skies and chase the winds.

With the rising of the sun, Dawz'Chian will unfurl his great wings to soak up the soft warmth of the coming morning. He tossed his mane and glanced up to the sky, there a lone eagle soared above the dawn clouds. The stallion watched for a moment, then wit a great leap, cast himself into the sky.

The eagle, no doubt started to see so large a creature in his domain hesitated but a moment. The winged unicorn was so graceful, gliding effortlessly upon the warm air currents rising from the waking earth below. Mane and tail streamed in the wind as Dawz'Chian tilted his great wings to the side and curved his path to join that of the predatory bird. Side by side they flew, enjoying the moment, the silent peacefulness high in the sky where there was no sound but the wind through their feathers and the soft beat of large wings.

At last, tired of the experience and needing to hunt for breakfast, the great bird dipped away, screaming a farewell to the stallion whose neigh echoed through the realm of the winged horses. A call to welcome all the wonderous experiences of a new day.

Name: Ravesh'chianna [Azure Skies]
ID: 941
Gender: Stallion
Parents: Jalik x Ma's'chena
Band: None
July 2006

Name: Dawz'Chian [Morning Sky]
ID: 166
Gender: Stallion
Parents: 005 x 050
Birth Band: Sein'Laehtalas
Band: None
June 2010

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