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The mare galloped across the sand like a wildfire through a dry field. Her speed was amazing. Slim legs virtually flying across the beach. Mane and tail streaming out behind her. It was truly a sight to behold. But wasn't one you were to have the pleasure of enjoying long. Within moments she had reached you. An instant later she had past. And a mere few moments later she was out of sight around a bend in the Island. You wondered where she was going in such a hurry.

"Parasecse'dezzerna is always in such a rush. She should stop to enjoy life a little. But then, perhaps it is through the wind between her ears that she knows what it means to be alive. To each their own. I prefer to take it a little more leisurely though."

This came from a mare sitting on the edge of the woods admiring a butterly...wait, was that a tiny winged horse? But as you moved closer the tiny thing disappeared into the forest. The mare got up. "I am Deir'shire. I had heard a human was about, but I wasn't sure what to believe. But having heard it from both my parents and my sister I couldn't quite deny it. But I figured if I took my time, you'd eventually find me."

You ask who her family was. This would be the second time you'd met a Crystal with siblings, though there had been many parents and foals out there.

"My sister is Chy'rukh, the gentle mare with the pearl." Yes, you remembered her, and you were able to reply that you remembered their parents, the mated pair Epon'emerl and Shiya'dessin.

Suddenly your quiet conversation was interrupted by a swirling grey mare bursting forth from the trees. She reared up, as if willing her horn to pierce the sky. Then she stopped, ears pinned back, head lowered, facing you.

Deir'shire spoke quietly, "It's alright Diniel'asien, this human intends us no harm." But the dark mare didn't respond, she merely glowered, a storm in the depth of her blue eyes. The smaller mare was almost apologetic. "No one expected the filly of of the gentle Zzala'frasi to be so temperamental." Shocked, you remembered your conversation with the dam, about her preference to hot weather than storms. Her filly was definitely a tempest given physical form.

Another mare came racing out of the woods. She paused when she reached the sand and looked about, as if searching for something. Seeing the three of you, she hurried over. Deir'shire looked relieved. "Seraphim!"

At the name, the other grey mare relaxed and turned to glance at the other. Seraphim nodded, "Its alright, SunBlind has allowed this human here. It was what I was trying to tell you when you caught the human's scent and came racing over here. But then you never were one to think before you act..." the other mare scolded gently. Diniel'aisen was subdued.

Name: Parasecse'dezzerna [Burning Sands]
ID: 1013
Gender: Mare
Parents: Kliy'cyila - R x Chinat'sha - T
Birth Band: Yuis's'Sodeti
Band: Naasna'bazzia
Offspring: Nenti'tri'kalla'Zwirlse'Sunia
September 2007

Name: Deir'shire [Fairy Lace]
ID: 1018
Gender: Mare
Parents: Epon'emerl - 516 x Shiya'dessin - 517
Birth Band: Sy'Sunia
Band: None
Offspring: None
September 2007

Name: Diniel'aisen [Obsidian Tempest]
ID: 1027
Gender: Mare
Parents: Breeyzli'tri'D^rui - 486 x Zzala'frasi - 554
Birth Band: Kai'cayti
Band: None
Offspring: None
September 2007

Name: Seraphim [Seraphim]
ID: 1028
Gender: Mare
Parents: Trolate'zuy - 351 x Zhehia'agae - 431
Birth Band: Laycen'lo'shire
Band: None
Offspring: None
September 2007

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