The Company of Forgotten Stories

When a tale is told, a legend is born. This legend is then passed down through the generations till it becomes little more than a myth. But in every myth, in every legend, and in every tale, there is a grain of truth. Something that had been forgotten and should not have been. Something that is now scoffed at as a children's bedtime story.

But some tales have a way of regaining form, where myth becomes truth and all those things you thought were fantasy turn out to be very real indeed.

~Member Dynces~

Dynce of Earth Magic
Dynce of Moon's Music
Dynce of Seeing Pink
Dynce of
Dynce of
Dynce of

~Wynds of War~

Breeze be Gentle
Temper be Furious

~Other Wynds~

Soul on Fire - Wynd of Chaos
Emotions as Obscurity - Wynd of Warp
Turbulence in Oceans - Wynd of Mythos

~Company Offspring~

Swirl of Nova - Soul on Fire x Turbulence in Oceans

Created: February 2005
Last Updated: October 2005



Wynds copyright Myrror