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"I thought it was a good idea." Jack of Lanterns, the stallion and Wynd of Mage added to the discussion.

The orange stallion was not known to be irresponsible, on the contrary he was often using his power of electricity and immunity to spirit magic to protect his Dynce, and all the Winged Ones of the cloudy realm. But he felt that a little bit of adventure was good for one's soul, Sun of Jade tended to be overly cautious. With Glimpse of Blue supporting the other two, Sun of Jade finally relented but pointed out to them that she must come along to keep them out of trouble. Jack of Lanterns grinned inwardly as he had hoped that she would join them. Perhaps she'd enjoy herself, see something she hadn't seen before.

And so, decided that they would visit the world beneath till nightfall, the four Wynds took to the air and soared down to the fields and forests below.

There they found Breeze of Summer, a lovely but lonely mare. She was quite surprised to discover that she was not alone on the hard solid ground.

Tentatively the others approached her, worried that they might frighten her away, but nothing was less likely. She rushed forward to greet the others and soon a deep friendship blossomed between her and the Dynce. Sun of Jade became particularly close to this newcomer.

As the Dynce returned to their cloudy realm, Jack of Lanterns looked over at the green mare, and she nodded in acceptance. A little adventure was a good thing.

Temper be Furious could not be more unlike the other Wynd of War, Breeze be Gentle, than he was. One would not ask him to care for foals. Not that he would bring them harm, no, quite the opposite. A drill sergeant he'd become, keeping each and every one in line, making sure not a single one of them got into trouble or was hurt.

His patience was short and he believed strongly that the best way to protect a herd or Dynce would be to keep everyone in sight at all times. No foolish games to bring young foals into danger, no adventures, no nothing. And so he was not asked to watch over the colts and fillies, but to guard the borders. Where he could feel he was doing his duty without driving anyone crazy.

Name: Jack of Lanterns
Gender: Stallion
Dynce: Rising Heights
Company: Myth and Fantasy
Species: Wynd of Mage
December 2003
Name: Temper be Furious
Gender: Stallion
Company: Forgotten Stories
Species: Wynd of War
June 2005
Name: Breeze of Summer
Gender: Mare
Dynce: Rising Heights
Company: Myth and Fantasy
Species: Wynd of Change
February 2006



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