The Company of Myth and Fantasy

Welcome to a world of myth and fantasy. Where dreams soar on the wings of Wynds, those equines that fill our imagination and bring us to the stars. Slowly, the nebulae shift and take on a new shape. The form is that of Legend as Told, the Wynd of Warp who guards this company from those that would harm it.

~Member Dynces~

Dynce of Soaring Skies
Dynce of Rainbow Spectrum
Dynce of Faded Colours
Dynce of Rising Heights
Dynce of Mercurial Passions
Dynce of Wind Song

~Wynds of War~

Night be Dark
Time be Feared
Flames be Burning
Sun be Bright

~Other Wynds~

Madness In Hell - Wynd of Chaos
Legend as Told - Wynd of Warp

~Company Offspring~

Turbulence in Oceans - Madness In Hell x Legend as Told - [NA]

Created: January 2005
Last Updated: October 2005



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