[Herald] The Winged Ones [Herald]


Darkness reigned here in a complete and total night. The moon did not shine and the stars did not sparkle but in the distance there was a glow of red. The light intensified as the stallion approached.

He was an impressive creature, and at first glance it was hard to believe that the Winged Ones would permit such a being to live amongst them. But he was here, and he was known as Madness in Hell.

He would walk without fear in the places others would not dare go. And there were few creatures that would challenge his right to travel where he would.

Though he generally avoided the other inhabitants of this cloudy realm, prefering his own solitude to the games of the Winged Ones, they did not shun him. They welcomed him those rare times when he desired a little bit of company.

And then he would vanish as mysteriously and suddenly as he had arrived, not to be heard from till he wished to be known.

Name: Madness In Hell
Gender: Stallion
Company: Myth and Fantasy
Species: Wynd of Chaos
November 2003



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