[Herald] The Winged Ones [Herald]


The stallion floated weightlessly above the clouds he called home. Three smaller creatures flitted about him, over and around, more a part of him than separate beings. The wind played with his long mane, and brought your scent to him.

Up till now everything had been completely silent, so it surprised you somewhat when you heard him speak. "Hello."

He didn't seem to mind your presence so you move somewhat closer. You could tell that his wings were not what was permitting him to defy the gravity which bound you to walk upon the clouds of the Realm. So you asked.

"I am an Equapha. You could look up on me as a phantom horse given life. My familiars were created when I was, we are made of the same stuff. My name is Cool Warmth."

Though he was too polite to ask, he was obviously wondering how a human managed to get up here. You explained how the other Winged Ones had brought you here and carried you from cloud to cloud.

"I'm afraid I cannot take you to another cloud, you must find a more....solid...mount. But it has been a pleasure to meet a land-dweller. I do not often venture down there."

Name: Cool Warmth
ID: 26
Gender: Stallion
Familiars: Three
'Parents'/Birth Circle: Unknown
Notes: A bit on the small side, but very fast and agile. He's got feathers in his mane.
October 2003



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