[Herald] The Winged Ones [Herald]


The air was crisp and cool and exactly the way the little snowflake liked it. She floated about high above the ground with hundreds, no thousands of her brothers and sisters, held weightless in the atmosphere. She had not been alive for very long, just a few short hours, but to a snowflake it felt like forever.

And she was beautiful, her six points absolutely perfect, for she had been careful not to bump her siblings and risk breaking off an arm. The sun made her glitter and the wind made her dance and she thought that life was wonderful indeed.

Then something happened. One by one, her brothers and sisters began to fall from their home in the heights and drift downwards towards the earth. She cried out to them, worried that they would damage themselves, and more distressingly, would leave her all alone. She begged them to return but rather than comply, they encouraged her to join them in their graceful descent.

The snowflake had to admit she was a little afraid, she had never left her home where she was born. But her siblings seemed so happy and full of joy that she longed to join them in this wonderful new adventure. To be caught up in the breezes and dusted about the skies. And so she fell.

And it *was* wonderful. Oh how she danced, and twisted, and swirled, and drifted. Her home grew more and more distant but she gave it little thought for her brothers and sisters were there with her, and filled with as much joy as she. She had thought to stay forever in that little cloud in the sky, but she understood now that a snowflake was meant to be free and happy and dancing with her family.

But all too soon it was over. What sound does a snowflake make when it touches the ground? Not a thump, or a ping, or a tink, or anything like that, but rather a soft, sad little sigh. She lay upon the hundreds of siblings who fell before her, and watched as hundreds of siblings fell upon her. No longer was she dancing with the wind, but lay unmoving where not a breath of air could reach her. She wasn't very sad. She was not alone, and she had the memories of her wonderful fall, but she longed to swirl again.

As if hearing the silent wishes of a single, delicate snowflake, Frost Chilling Joyful Night stepped lightly across the newfallen snow. Where his hooves touched the ground, the snow swirled up to dance about his legs. The little snowflake heard the approach of this creature, and did not know what to make of it. Then suddenly, she was up in the air! Dancing, twirling, twisting, laughing.

Whether or not the stallion could hear the joyful sounds, he too was swept up in the dance of the flurries, and soon his loud laughter joined their silent one, on that peaceful, winter night.

Name: Frost Chilling Joyful Night
Gender: Stallion
Parents: Wild

Head: Hl, dd
Eyes: pp
Mane: H*L, tt, GC-CC
Wings: nn, S*s, WW
Antlers: Ad
Tail: Hd, tt, GC-CC
Feet: Dh, NNww
Markings: pt*, S*S*, SS, G*E, N*N*, GG
Color: WW
Mutation: N*n*n*
January 2003

Nameless Forest


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