[Herald] The Winged Ones [Herald]


The magewynd nuzzled the stallion to get him to turn his head. There stood the second mare. "Depth of Autumn." The brown mare bowed her head then nipped Shades of Plums' ear. He backed off, worried that Mists of Roses wouldn't be pleased with him getting too friendly, even if it was the mare who was at fault, but the mage just laughed softly and nibbled his mane.

"She is part of our Dynce, silly one." It took him a moment to realize that his mare had gathered the other two to join them. He perked up happily, realizing that he could be Lord of the Dynce, but the mage nipped him on the shoulder. "No, that would be me."

Eh, well that wasn't so bad. She was much better suited for that role than he. Besides, he was going to have his time taken up by warding off Depth of Autumns advances and Hues of Vibrancy's baby-talk.

"And finally, Stance of Grace."

The mare stood stepped proudly forward. The stallion felt a little out of his league against this mare's powerful presence, but he relaxed a bit as she accepted him as a worthy mate.

Mists of Roses decided to leave the stallion to figure things out on his own for a while. It would take some time for him to get used to the new arrangements, and she could always tell the other mares not to be so forceful with the shy stallion. When she saw the Shades of Plums playfully nip back, she nodded to herself and knew that things would be to his liking.

In the distance, watching over this Dynce stood a Wynd of War. She watched the events with curiosity, as the bemused stallion met the newest mare to the Dynce.

With a chuckle, Flames be Burning tossed back her head and tested the wind. Nothing of great interest appeared to be happening upwind, so she spun around, spread her wings and let the wind guide her towards the unknown.

Name: Stance of Grace
Gender: Mare
Dynce: Rainbow Spectrum
Company: Myth and Fantasy
Species: Wynd of Change
May 2005
Name: Depth of Autumn
Gender: Mare
Dynce: Rainbow Spectrum
Company: Myth and Fantasy
Species: Wynd of Change
November 2003
Name: Flames be Burning
Gender: Female
Company: Myth and Fantasy
Species: Wynd of War
October 2005



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