[Herald] The Winged Ones [Herald]


The air was filled with droplets of water, like a rain which didn't fall from the clouds to the group. Together they moved by some strange magic, preventing them from dispersing and losing cohesion. To some extent they were at the mercy of the wind, an agitated swirl of droplets whenever they drifted away from where they wished to go. But at last they arrived at their goal. Shimmering, they merged and took form, first that of a creature made of water, and at last, a creature made of flesh.

Turbulence in Oceans shook her head and the last few droplets fused into the crest upon her neck. Satisfied that she had fully reformed, the Wynd of Mythos took stock of where she was. She had heard of this place, far above the waters she was most familiar with. But even her there was water, the clouds on which she stood welcomed the mare and were prepared to do her bidding.

Yes, here she would stay. And with that thought her body lost is form once more to merge with the cloud beneath her. That cloud then joined with another, and then another, till anyone on the ground below would have believed a storm was fast approaching. And with great pleasure she unleashed a brief summer storm, just enough to get everything wet.

Only an observer with a very sharp eye would have noticed the glitter droplets swirling away from the dispersing clouds.

Name: Turbulence in Oceans
Gender: Mare
Company: Forgotten Stories
Species: Wynd of Mythos - Wynd of Water
February 2005



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