[Herald] The Winged Ones [Herald]


He gazed at you with an almost malicious look in his eye. This was Emotions as Obscurity, a fitting name as never in your wildest dreams could have come up with a creature such as this. A truly fantastical creature. And yet here he was, in solid form, looking at you with that look in his eye.

You shift uncomfortably as the Wynd of Warp's gaze never wavered. What was he thinking, what thoughts were in his mind as he looked upon your form. Did he think you weak? Skin without a mixture of colours, hair almost exclusively on your head. Skinny little arms and legs. Nothing to compare to his powerful form.

Or did he envy your hands? The fact that you could hold things, mold things, make the something other than what they were before. Of course he could make something that was alive, dead. But it wasn't the same.

Was he considering how the two of you were the same? Both sentient, alive, and curious about the other. The both of you drank in the glorious warmth of the morning sun, felt the wind upon your bodies, and listened to the sounds of your own breathing.

But you were never to know the answers to your questions. The stallion spread his wings, gathered his hindquarters and took to the skies. Only your thoughts could follow him.

Name: Emotions as Obscurity
Gender: Stallion
Company: Forgotten Stories
Species: Wynd of Warp
February 2005



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