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The stallion shook his head. He didn't know how he had gotten mixed up with a trio of mares like that. But as they spun around and passed by him a second time, Forests of Gold took up the chase.

Dreamer of Rubies was the swiftest, and soon the other three were lagging behind. It wasn't much fun playing tag if you knew you could never be caught, so the four of them settled down to catch their breath. And such was the life of a Wynd of Change.

As they rested, they noticed a dark mare, her coat a shimmering green, her wings sparkling like the night. Without a word, she joined them, sharing their cloud but standing at a distance. Forests of Gold watched her, but the others took no noticed. After a time, though the time was long and their movements slow, they had soon moved to where the new mare stood, allowed her in their midsts as if she had always been there.

The mares chatted and giggled amongst themselves as the stanger shifted uncomfortably. Suddenly, one of the mares asked the newcomer's opinion on their conversation, and with a shy grin, she replied that she thought it was very silly and full of nonsense. The stallion laughed, his wariness gone. At last, a mare with some sense in her head.

And so, without being asked, Swirl of Nova joined the Dynce of Soaring Skies.

Now Night be Dark kind of looked like a Wynd of Change. He had the same pony like build, the same feathery hooves, but if one looked closer, one would notice his draconic eye, his dragon wings and tail. He was a Wynd of War.

He did not live with the other Wynds, but had instead made a friendship with T'nathum. He didn't enjoy playing with the foals quite as much as the Equagon did, he was far too serious for frivolous games, but he tolerated them when they tugged on his tail. Sometimes they tried to get dragon stories out of him, as they did T'nathum, but if he had any special knowledge born within him through his genetics, he never told. This only encouraged the foals because if he didn't tell, it must be because they were really *really* REALLY good stories.

And so Night be Dark, sought out T'nathum once again, hoping the blue stallion would distract them long enough so he could escape for a little while.

Name: Forests of Gold
Gender: Stallion
Dynce: Soaring Skies
Company: Myth and Fantasy
Species: Wynd of Change
September 2002
Name: Swirl of Nova
Gender: Mare
Dynce: Soaring Skies
Company: Myth and Fantasy
Species: Wynd of Change
October 2005
Name: Night be Dark
Gender: Male
Company: Myth and Fantasy
Species: Wynd of War
September 2002

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