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Now one might think that Memories of Fog may feel a little left out compared to the other high-flyers around her, but such was not the case. Gift of Flight was a discerning stallion and picked only the best. While Memories of Fog was not big on show, she was the swiftest Wynd the stallion had ever come across. And she was tireless as she raced through the heavens. He was easily outdistanced by her and though she tried to teach the others how to use the wind to their advantage, they were not able to keep up. But then, though they tried to teach her to use the winds to dance and flip and swirl, she could not do these well.

But strangest of the group was Oceans of Aqua. Gift of Flight had not chosen her based on her flying skills, as one would expect from a winged equine. No. He already had many mares that represented the best of the best. He wanted something different in his fourth mare, something unique that no other stallion could claim. A mare that could swim. Though it was uncommon for the Wynds to swim, it pleased him that Oceans of Aqua could so do very well. What use this skill could be to his Dynce, no one could fathom. But he was still proud of her.

And so, on bright afternoons, the sky would often be filled with brightly coloured forms, weaving and dancing to the song of the winds.

The stallion raised his head and basked in the warmth of the sun. It was good to be alive today. Well, it was always good to be alive, but today, the sky was bluer than blue, the wind cool but not cold and the clouds couldn't be whiter.

With a playful kick, the Wynd of War known as Sun be Bright leapt up into those beautiful skies and let the wind play with his dark mane. As he soared and chased the clouds, his tail whipped from side to side, an expression of the energy and life that flowed through his veins. As he passed some of the other Winged Ones of the Heights, they shook their heads and wondered what he had for breakfast. They certainly couldn't rouse themselves that early in the morning.

Name: Memories of Fog
Gender: Mare
Dynce: Wind Song
Company: Myth and Fantasy
Species: Wynd of Change
January 2005
Name: Oceans of Aqua
Gender: Mare
Dynce: Wind Song
Company: Myth and Fantasy
Species: Wynd of Change
May 2005
Name: Sun be Bright
Gender: Stallion
Company: Myth and Fantasy
Species: Wynd of War
October 2005



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