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And Taste of Berries. She took a little from all the others. A lover of learning. An enjoyer of laughter. A quiet watcher of others. Some believed she knew more of their past than anyone, but if that was so, she never told.

That they had known each other as foals was remembered by all, but before? Did the Realm Keeper know, she who had created these very lands and had made many things the way they were? Well, she refused to take credit for everything, and this was one of them.

And so the mystery persisted, and the stories of the truth became more incredible with each retelling.

Breeze be Gentle was a kind and generous mare, her favorite pastime being dance. She didn't approve of of tricksters and mischief-makers, as some Wynds are apt to be. But she had the greatest of respect for the stallion Silence of Ages, and he had the greatest of respect for this Wynd of War who chose not to be a warrior.

And with a gentleness most associated with one of the unicorns, rather than than a Wynd of War, she played with the foals of the Heights. This was her second favority pastime, and she doubly enjoyed the fact that often play turned to dance. And so as she and the young ones dances, the others gathered to watch.

Name: Taste of Berries
Gender: Mare
Dynce: Faded Colours
Company: Myth and Fantasy
Species: Wynd of Change
December 2003
Name: Breeze be Gentle
Gender: Mare
Company: Forgotten Stories
Species: Wynd of War
February 2005



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