The Caves


It wasn't long till you came across a lithe male. He looked at you hungrily through his reptilian eyes. You could sense his desire for an afternoon snack, and you just happen to have come along at the right time. Then he laughed.

~Your human mind is so easy to influence. There is no challenge to it, though the expression on your face was worth it just the same. I wouldn't eat a tough, stringy, tasteless creature such as yourself it I were starving.~

It didn't come as a compliment, and irrationally you were tempted to argue his tastebuds, but common sense stopped you from encouraging him to take a taste test.

He paused a moment, his eyes roaming your face. You suddenly realized it wasn't his face he was examining, but rather your mind. You felt the flash of anger, and he felt it too. He laughed again.

~Come, I have something to show you.~

Not certain you wanted to walk with someone who cared not one bit about your privacy, you decide to follow anyway. After all, there probably wasn't anything left he hadn't seen. And you had to admit, you were curious.

~I noted that you'd met Elill and Ivanyst. As well as Kanul and Sassafrass. I thought you might like to see their offspring, Haventh and Evrill.~

They pair looked surpised to see you. Everill, the darker male spoke first. "My parents mentioned you. I didn't believe that a human would be allowed to walk around inside this Mountain, but they assured me you were nice enough after all."

Haveth then added, "I must admit I thought my mother was having a...senior moment... when she spoke of you." You remembered then the old female who like her caves hot and stuffy. You smile, there had been so many dragons it was getting hard to remember them all. You would have never thought it possible, of course, you never thought it possible that dragons existed at all. Boran snorted.

You shout at him to get out of your head. He just laughed harder. Annoyed, you leave all three of them in a huff. When you'd cooled off, you wanted to return to the children of the dragons you'd met before, but you found that you'd lost your way.

Name: Boran
Gender: Male
October 2004

Name: Evrill
Gender: Male
Parents: Kanul x Sassafrass
Mate: None
October 2004

Name: Haveth
Gender: Female
Parents: Elill x Ivanyst
Species: Silshar
Offspring: Karkadan
October 2004


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