The Caves


You wondered if you would meet more Tsumes. Instead, you encounter a draconic, the kind of which you had never seen before. He sniffed in your direction, and then made a very feline sounding meow.

You step back surprised, this was one big kitty-cat. He came closer, still sniffing. Obviously he also inherited a cat's curious nature. Then, the sound of clicking claws on stone could be heard approaching. The, whatever it was, turned a moment to look that way, then dashed off in the other direction.

Just as he vanished, two Silshar dragons came around the corner. The first was a shimmering blue male.

The second was a red and orange female.

As they paused to examine you, you had this weird feeling, that you've met them before...or at least some part of them.

The pair put their heads together and discussed something in their own language. Then turning back to you, the male tilted his head to one side and asked, "Have you been here long?"

An odd question. As you'd not seen the outside world for some time now, you really had no idea how long you'd been wandering in the belly of the mountain. You reply that its been several days for certain, but you didn't know how many.

Another discussion ensued. This time it was the female who addressed you. "Have you met any of our kind before."

You nod, and list of the names of the Silshar you'd met so far, those large, black-eyed dragons like Haveth and Ivanyst. The two looked at each other in surprise.

The male spoke, "I am Karkadan, offspring of Haveth. And Amera is the offspring of Jessen."

You wondered how many generations there were here. You knew that Haveth was the offspring of Ivanyst and Ellil. You were tempted to start taking notes on this family tree to try and keep things straight.

The pair has started walking while once again discussing in their language. Occassionally one would say, "How odd, how odd." Eventually even the sound of their claws on the stone could not be heard anymore.

Name: Quandrill
Gender: Male
Mate: None
Species: Hybrid Catdragon
June 2005

Name: Karkadan
Gender: Male
Parents: Idai x Haveth
Species: Silshar
June 2005

Name: Amera
Gender: Female
Parents: Jessen x Jester
Species: Silshar
June 2005


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